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Cubase VST Presets Location

Cubase VST Presets Location

Apr 15, 2013

Unzip the files to:

PC: Documents & Settings$usernameApplication DataVST3 Presets

Mac OS X: /Users/$username/Library/Audio/Presets/

Be cautious not to overwrite any presets you may have already saved yourself, back those up first.

Also be aware that presets for different plug-ins from the same manufacturer are placed inside the same manufacturer containing folder (like for Native Instruments: "Native Instruments Software Synthesis GmbH").

If you are not sure about the correct location or the correct manufacturer folder name, save a preset from the plug-in, then search for it using Explorer/Spotlight.

So saving your own presets to the Custom folder will keep them neatly separated from the Factory ones without having to do any tagging. Also, having no tagging done yet, we will not interfere with your personal tagging system. Of course you can rename the Custom folders to anything you like...

Cubase Patch name script files
There have been some questions on what to do with the Cubase patch files. I get e-mails on this regularly. Here is some information that might help.

Location for files on a PC

Place a custom made patchname script for use in Cubase/Nuendo in the following folder location:

C:Documents and Settings<username>Application dataSteinbergCubase SXScriptsPatchnamesinactive

Since the release of Cubase 1.05, the folders "Presets" and "Scripts" are copied to a different directory (e.g. C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorApplication dataSteinbergCubase SX).

The previous folders (under C:Programm filesSteinbergCubase SX) are now obsolete and are ignored by Cubase SX.</username>



C:Users<username>AppDataLocalSteinbergCubase SX . . .

(May be hidden)

Location for files on a Mac (OS X)

/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Cubase 4/Scripts/Patchnames/inactive


Patchname Scripts can be downloaded from here: Patchname Script Downloads

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